Coffee tables

Epoxy resin coffee tables

Here at Darwin Interiors, we have an extensive range of coffee tables in all shapes sizes and colors. Created using the same resin pour techniques as the bigger resin tables, the Darwin Interior coffee table may be small but still makes a statement.

All of our tables range in size from 12 inches up to 36 inches each with a signature poured resin. Some resins are metallic and others are matt, so if you are ordering a custom piece please remember to specify this!

Some of our coffee tables are finished with a glass pour and others are just sanded and oiled. We like to offer our customers a bespoke service, so if you are ordering with us please specify if this is something you would like.

All our tables are bespoke and one of a kind made with signature pieces of wood that are sustainably sourced. Here at Darwin Interiors, we only source our wood from either windblown timber or sustainable merchants. This means that the wood we buy from merchants must carry the FSC or PEFC certifications. This is for your peace of mind as well as ours.

All of the wood in our custom resin tables are bespoke pieces of burr oak, walnut and olive wood etc. This means that the look and feel of your resin table can’t ever be repeated. Here at Darwin Interiors, we like to capture the uniqueness of nature in each and every table we produce.

If you have found the table that you like but would like different legs, we would be happy to provide you with a choice of custom made box metal legs. These can be of any size or finish so let us know when you place your order. 

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