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Signature resin table

Here at Darwin Interiors one of our most popular requests is our large signature tables. These can be between 6-10ft long, making a stunning dining table or signature table for your office.  All of our signature river tables are truly bespoke. Made with a variety of different types of wood depending on what you, our customer, want.  

All of our river tables are made from epoxy resin; however, we carry a variety of custom color epoxy resins. These range from marble white, through orange, blue, pink, black and many more. We are happy to use any color you would like when creating your signature table. We can even match the color to suit your home or office.

This resin is custom made in our workshop and poured into a bespoke frame built for your signature river table. When the epoxy resin is poured it can dry with many different effects and patterns within the resin so please bear this in mind.

The process to make a resin table in our workshop is something that takes a lot of skill patience and a meticulous eye for detail. Our resin tables are crafted over weeks in our workshop in Shropshire by craftsmen who have spent decades in the trade. Because of this please be aware when ordering a custom table of the time constraints.

For all of our river tables large and small, we use sustainably sourced wood from one of our special suppliers.  This can be oak, olive walnut or maple amongst others but all are sourced from suppliers who carry the FSC or PEFC certifications. This ensures that all of the wood we use is from sustainably managed forests where new trees will be planted to replace the ones that are taken.

This table is signature burr French oak paired with black shimmer resin to create a unique effect. The top of the table has been poured with a glass pour which gives a stunning finish to this river table.

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