Wall Art

Epoxy resin wall art

Here at Darwin interiors we not only create resin tables but we also create resin wall art. This is due to high demand of small pieces to be displayed in the office or home. These are usually around a foot long but again everything we do is a unique custom size.  

Our wall art is made using custom epoxy resin in custom colours. This makes sure that we can match our creations to your own personal style.

These pieces of wall art can be mounted on the wall with or without a frame. We are also happy to supply them with box metal legs if you see a piece that you would like as a small table.  

For all of our river table wall art large and small, we use sustainably sourced wood from one of our special suppliers.  This can be oak, olive walnut or maple amongst others but all are sourced from suppliers who carry the FSC or PEFC certifications. This ensures that all of the wood we use is from sustainably managed forests where new trees will be planted to replace the ones that are taken.


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